Winter arrived and Lori moved into an old 1920's rustic New Zealand cottage shaded by temperate native shrubs and tall green pines. This style of home being quite airy, wild-like and heating particularly inefficient, her feet were frozen by the ice-cold uninsulated cedar floors. The thought of wearing icky polyester slippers for another season gave her the jitters. As a qualified designer and with her expert knowledge in felt-making, she was confident she could craft a pair of her own.

She invited her friend Sambi over to make a pair together.
The fire was going and over hot chocolates they talked and laughed. While they experimented with the wool fibre, Muffs slippers were born. The slippers turned out so well and they were so comfy, that Sambi invited more friends to come to Lori’s house to make felted slippers. Lori began teaching and sourcing Merino wool fibre from local New Zealand farms to craft her slippers.


Felted Wool Slippers & Accessories

Handcrafted by Artisans using Artisan Made Materials


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