Kickstarter 3: Campaign 2020 - Getting Started

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Post #3. Kickstarter 2020 ~ follow @muffsmerino on Instagram

I have been preparing all that I can before it is time to order supplies. I have ordered a few items including the Muffs Merino slipper labels. I have decided to go with a soft velvet label in grey to match the sole of the slipper. I can't wait for these to arrive! I have also been thinking about wrapping, packaging and shipping. I would like the packaging to be so, that it is exciting, eco friendly and gift ready for gifting, too oneself or a friend. All in all, beautiful packaging that makes one feel all happy and squishy inside.

Silky Sparkle

I have ordered the sheer silk for the silky sparkle option. The colours I ordered are Charcoal, Fantasia, Berries & Delphinium. Since the focus of this campaign is beautiful artisan fibre blends, you may or may not choose the the Silky Sparkle slipper option unless you absolutely love it! No matter what, every Muffs Merino slipper is finished with artisan fibre, solid or blend, even the Silky Sparkle). The Silky Sparkle Slipper will available for the 'Make 100' part of this campaign no matter what. These will be available as an option for you and on Muffs Merino online store.

Muffs Merino Accessories

I had been honing the perfect shape and form for Muffs Merino earrings for about a year now. Originally I had planned to add (my dreamy) Silky Galaxy Earrings at a lower price point for this campaign. After doing several tests with the silk I have available, I was able to achieve a beautiful look. I have run out of the sheer silk, so I will have to wait for more to arrive before adding these as a pledge option. There might still be time!

Gradient & Colour Blocks

In the meantime I have been making more slippers with the materials I have available. I have been working on the gradient option as well as the two colour block option that you have not yet seen in photos. Originally the colour block option was two solid colours side by side. I am experimenting with including a multicolour artisan blend. I will have to decide after more experimentation. I will be posting the photos once I achieve the exact process and look I am happy with. And, I can't wait to show you!

Tech Wizard at Work

Originally wanting to create a video for this campaign, I decided to get a feel for the camera. I have been playing around with my tripod and basic video editing software. Since I am brand new at this, it may take some time to get it right. Fingers crossed and tech wizard at work (wink), I will be able to upload this video to the campaign before it ends.


Lastly and all the while, my main focus is your beautiful top quality artisan slipper! I am still making slippers daily with the intention of perfecting the weight, shape, form and design.

Thank You

Thank You to all of you who have supported Muffs Merino campaign. THANK YOU for being patient. If you have read this far, thank you for reading this update. Still, I couldn't do this without you and I can't wait to get started on your slippers.


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