Early Beginnings

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

This is the first post ever! I am writing this blog to journal my process of developing a craft product. It will help me cover my grounds, making sure i am not missing anything. I am new to this and my journey has not been easy! I have Googled how to make a craft product but it really doesn't exist. Before I can sell anything, I need to create a magical product. Have you found a good tutorial? I am way ahead by now, after four years of playing (more like wrestling) around with wool. But I am going to start. I am going to try and cover all my footsteps so I can review the early beginnings to where I am now in making a craft product that is saleable.

Taking primrose oil with a mainly vegetable diet and eating less, helps me control my hormones, keep my head level and clear so I can write and develop my crafts. For me this is the number one priority, it's the most important step I took in developing my slippers. Keeping my head straight and clear is necessary for consistent daily creative work.

I am selling my craft product at the moment. Once I began selling my products, I learned quickly I needed to step up my game.

Most of us come into the game with an already developed skill and this is fantastic. If you already have a skill and you love doing it, then keep going. You are way past this part but may benefit from later posts. Many of us want to quit our day jobs. We have no idea what we want to do in life, what we are good at, but we know one thing, we love our hands, we love making things. I loved drawing, it's easy and I am good at a certain style. I could easily go down this path. But three reasons I decided not to. 1. To me, it's just not practical. 2. It's boring, not challenging enough. 'Muahahaha, the devil laughs as I struggle with my footwear endeavor. Look what you got yourself into now'. 3. I asked myself how can I bring back my childhood spirit? Meaning, what things did I truly love as a child. This brought me closer to nature and fashion as my true desire to nurture. Later on I asked myself how can I help others and our ecosystem. Thousands of ideas poured out, but I knew I would stick with wearables (over illustration) for a longer time.

I learned to enjoy making things through my dad when I was little. I didn't really learn how to do anything, what I watched was embedded in me. It was a starting point. I knew I could make, I loved making.

Have you ever saw a pro craft product and asked yourself, how did they do that? Who is this person. What the f*&@!

My craft product is no near pro, but I have enough experience to know that over 4 years, it has improved immensely. So what will another 4 years look like? I look forward to covering my steps. I loved drawing as a child, but when I truly looked from all angles, photography, fashion and nature collided into one. I asked myself how can combine all the things I truly love into one.

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