Kickstarter 1: Halfway to meeting Muff's goal!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Post #1. Kickstarter 2020 ~ follow @muffsmerino on Instagram

Only a few days left for Muffs Merino Slipper campaign! The survey is ready to be sent out to each of you. I have come to realize I have too many options for you to choose from. I have considered taking some of these out. After thorough thought I have decided to keep all of the options as originally planned. I apologize now if any of you find it difficult to choose! I have created the survey to be as straight forward as possible. Once the survey is sent out, please get in touch with me if you have any questions. 

While creating the survey, I have also been working on the technical side of things. Working out measurements, templates, resist and sizing, waxing thread, organizing, ordering and financial distribution. I will be purchasing shoe lasts, artisan fibre, silk, natural tree rubber, merino sole materials, print & packaging materials once the campaign is completed. This purchase will take up most pledge funds. There will be extra artisan fibre so this will be used to make many more slippers ( in all women's sizes, thanks to all who have pledged). Thank You! I will be able to purchase the much needed shoe last to create your slippers and open Muffs Merino online store.

Thank you to those who are new and have recently pledged. I look forward to making your slippers!

The survey will be sent out as soon as the campaign allows me to do so. I anticipate this to be no later than Monday, March 2.


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