I've been passed a baton. It's time to run.

Today my life changed. It is completely different from yesterday. The power of thought has provided me some serious awakenings. My mind, my love for myself has opened up. I am seeing from a new perspective how I treat myself. How I care for myself in this world and take responsibility for myself. Treating myself kindly isn't an emotion or just thinking it. It's looking at my entire life from the outside, understanding the way in which I am living, and why I am living this way. Why I have been living in this way has helped me gain insight, a new perspective and an edge. And I know I deserve to treat myself better.

But I can move on from this awakening now and start living life in a whole new way. I feel better when I wake up in the morning. My life has more purpose and I am still young. I can recover myself which might had been lost if I had not used the power of thought. Up until now I don't regret anything. I accept the choices I have made and I am overjoyed with the decision to hone my craft over the past four years. I am up to a point now where I feel safe and secure to move forward with my new tools. Now, I see myself differently and feel that this new awakening will direct my path as it has been doing so for some time. A new path to self care. To get out in the world, get to work and provide for myself a real income. Could I say I should have done this in the last four years, worked hard everyday and saved? I would say absolutely not. The skills I have gained and what I have accomplished required a lot of focus and attention and I needed the time to cultivate that. It was also chipping away at my soul, and itch, something I wanted to do. I could have cultivated my creativity by working and saving, going to workshops around the world and learning in this way, but I may not be where I wanted to be. I may not have explored hands on and put so much thought into what I loved doing most. And, I can still do these things. The time for those things are now. Now I am ready. Now I feel accomplished and set in my way to continue on the path, curating my own beliefs, my own brand and honing in on the craft. Now that I know more clearly where I am in the world and what I want, I can leverage that by asking for help from experts. The power of thought has brought me up to a new level. I have finally graduated. I've been passed a baton and it's time to run.

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