Kickstarter 5: Q&A On putting your work out there

Post #5. Kickstarter 2020 ~ follow @muffsmerino on Instagram

What's something new you plan to share this month? I've been making ultra-soft accessories in the same way I make Muffs Merino slippers. Muffs Merino earrings are super soft, ultra-lightweight and designed with a solid structural form. These mini canvases are so much fun to experiment with. These days, I can't seem to get away from silky sparkles and cats. I am only at the beginning of this journey and sparkle is only one dimension of the limitless possibilities. There are so many shapes, styles, techniques and materials to apply. I am excited to see what this will bring forth in the future for Muffs Merino slippers, earrings and accessories.

I've recently added Shimmery Galaxy Cat earrings (at a lower pledge amount) to the Muffs Merino Slipper Campaign. Well hey, I just love making soft things.

Describe the moment when you hit “launch” on your project. What did it feel like? When I decided to launch Make 100 Muffs Merino Slipper Campaign, I was excited but nervous of the possibility of making 100 slippers. I was nervous, but on the other hand I knew I can do it and I needed the challenge. I've made so many slippers in size seven with my only size seven shoe last. There is only one direction to go now and I feel I am ready for it. I look forward to making slippers for all my supporters and more that will be available in my online shop.

How did you know it was time to share your idea through a Kickstarter project? When I came across the Kickstarter Make 100 event, there was only one week to enter. Excited, there was no time or questioning if I was going to launch. The project seemed feasible, I was ready to purchase more shoe lasts and share Muffs Merino slippers with the world. This was my way to do that. So I made a plan, got to work, stepped up my photo taking and the launch began.

What kind of feedback is most helpful to receive when sharing creative work? Because I am shipping items overseas, the sizing must be right. I am confident the shoe lasts will help me size the slippers accurately. Any issues that come up will be solved with care. Honest feedback will help shape Muffs Merino slippers and accessories for the future.

How has putting your project into the world changed things for you? Putting Muffs Merino Slippers into the world has helped me step up my game. I've completed brand new resists (for felting) in all sizes in preparation for the arrival of the shoe lasts. I've experimented with different design styles, colours and techniques. Professional artisan made velvet labels are on the way. I've refined Muffs Logo for a softer look. Packaging is currently a work in progress and will be completed for this campaign. Putting my project out into the world has helped me gain the confidence to make 100 slippers with the intention of opening up an online shop. I can't wait to share new and unique designs. 

Care to share a photo or video of something you’re working on right now?

As I develop slipper products, I am always working on new designs. Gradient collections will always be a part of Muffs Merino.

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