Must Read Books

Illusory. AJ Mathers

The Mount of Olives. Michael V. Ivanov

The Enlightened Gardener. Sydney Banks

Mastery. Robert Green

Turning Pro. Steven Pressfield

The Obstacle is the Way. Ryan Holiday

Big Magic. Elizabeth Gilbert

The Artists Way. A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. Julia Cameron

Building a Story Brand. Donald Miller

Art & Fear. David Bayles, Ted Orland

The E-Myth Revised. Micheal Green

The 48 Laws of Power. Robert Green

Change Your Life in 3 Mintutes. Regan Hillyer

Show Your Work. Austin Kleo

Mindset. Dr Carol s. Oweck

Keep Going. Austin Kleo

Zero to One. Peter Thiel

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Sean Covey

Would You Like Attitude with That? Justin Herald

Steal Like an Artist. Austin Kleo

Becoming Supernatural. Dr. Joe Dispenza

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Dr. Joe Dispenza

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. T.Harv Eker

Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill

Not have I only read these books, I have studied them. I have taken action on several of these books. I don't feel the need to read more books, but go through these again, taking more action.

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