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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

I am not a writer. But I have plans and dreams. I hope by sharing my thoughts I can inspire others and update the Guardian of the Gate community.


I love making with my hands. I love nature, fashion, photography, community, tools and the internet. My aim is to bring all these things together so I can feel life fulfilling energy. I believe this energy unearthed in each of us travels the globe driving change.


I love that the world is moving in a sustainable direction. I want to offer a product that is made out of natural fibrous materials and less plastics. I want to see less plastics in the environment! I believe it hurts animals great and small. This matters to me a great deal. As a guardian of the gate, I must protect them.


Through my own experience in health and love for nature, I have cut down on animal products. I eat the least amount of meat as possible while sustaining my personal nutrient energy requirements. Muffs Merino uses sustainable and biodegradable plant materials to produce felted slippers. This includes natural tree rubber shoe soles and Merino wool grown on sheep grazed in green pasture. I want to help create a balanced ecosystem.


I am not extreme, different, special or on one side or the other. I aim to help create a planet that is sustainable, well balanced, biodegradable, regenerative and optimal for humans, plants and animals, wild and farmed. Our world is far from this but I maintain that I still stand in this time and place with the world as one consciousness.

I have a new word in my vocabulary called infinite (unbounded) over finite (to win with a final outcome). I was inspired by researcher Daniel Schmachtenberger. What I gather is that in this new (dawn of time) there is a possibility of a world where human's are incentivized not by power and competition but they become incentivized by the most optimum outcome for all creatures, humans and the planet. I will continually ask the question, how can I halt my innate motivations by power and control, and align myself with this cyclical state of infinite consciousness while maintaining my feet on this ground, in this time and in this place? Power, control and competition will lead to a detrimental end for one of us. Instead, what would happen if we kept playing the game?


Muffs Merino dreams to create a felted wool slipper product. Not only wool slippers, I lean towards creating the 'Russian' style felted outdoor shoe. Shoes that are made of New Zealand wool and plant materials, made by artisans using artisan made materials. Sounds like an impossible game to win. But I am not in it to win. I want to provide the best possible products to those who want them. Even if that means working in the real world system. We are in a transition phase and I recognize that I must too be part of this transition. Do I dare dream to bring back the New Zealand wool shed, supporting sustainable, biodegradable retail products produced in New Zealand using New Zealand made materials? Hard ask. To create Muffs Merino shoe product brand, I will study in Wellington at the Shoe School as soon as I possibly can.


Making felted slippers can be a labour intensive process. Labour intensive means less tech, machines and less electricity vs more human energy. More human energy means more hours. I have nothing against machines or tech! I just love natural fibre and working with my hands. Also, this is my current state of affair. I have a system in place to create a less intensive production process using simple tools and minimal materials.


I am only one artisan creating a slow fashion slipper product. At my current rate, I can make two to four pairs of slippers per week. My hope and dream is to connect with other artisans who would love to craft and design new slippers from their homes in New Zealand and around the world. Some will be made by artisans and some will be manufactured. This seems like an impossible task. But my aim is to take out 'impossible', because impossible implies there is a finite end. Muffs Merino is not finite, wether it makes one slipper that is donated, won in a draw or sold to thousands. The energy is moving and the world desperately needs in with the new out with the old, wether it's a physical product or an ideology cycle. Wether or not I 'succeed in winning the game' in a finite system, or trudging along in a new cycle of change. I will flow in my inner energy and share my creativity with the goal to help optimize life for all.

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